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Will You Help Me?

I am getting ready for another parole hearing. The time is slipping away from me and it is getting closer by the day. Below are some things I need help with.




As I get closer to my parole hearing in October of this your I need more and more prayer. I need clarity to know what the Lord wants me to do and where He wants me to go is paramount for me. I have done things my own way and catered to my own likes and dislikes for a long enough. I need favor from the decision makers. If the Lord wants me out of prison then there is a big mountain that has to be moved.



Two years ago at this time I wrote almost 150 letters to businesses, churches, and places to stay asking for assistance. I received three responses. The one business that responded said they were not hiring and I should try again. I am not sure how many people read this blog every month but what I am seeking is a miraculous outpouring or support. If you would like to voice your support in a letter to the parole board, please visit my CONTACT page for instructions on how you can send it to me.


Specific Needs


I believe, at this point, that I have a place to live when I parole. A friend in ministry has made a house available to me or I can go to a transition house, both are in Colorado Springs.



I am somewhat computer literate. I've had many Clerical jobs and am familier with most of the Microsoft Office applications (possibly older versions that what you're using out there). I am OSHA certified on a forklift. I am skilled in fiberglass fabrication. I have done some woodworking and know my way around almost every machine in a cabinet making business. I have a creative side with a bent for the artistic.


I also have my health and a motivation to work and be successful. I currently work in a correctional industry where I am required to function in the same capacity as my co-workers who happen to be, on average, ten years younger than me.


Letter of Support

More than any of these I would really appreciate a letter of support showing your desire for the parole board to release me to parole. I really need this now more than ever before. A simple comment of support with your contact information would give me more than I can ever repay. That kind of support, in my mind, is worth more than all the other support. If you feel led to write a letter of support, please visit my CONTACT page for information about how to send it to me.


Thank You

If you have read this far I wnat to say thank you. The fact that you read through this and you are still reading means you care. I truly appreciate you and I pray that the Lord Jesus floods your life with the blessings of His presence and providence.

Thank You.

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