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God Cares About You

There once was a woman who lived a quiet life. A good life with her husband and son in a city called “Nain.” One day her husband died and she was left alone with her only son. She mourned her husband for a long time and then got back around to the business of her life.

It wasn’t the same though. Before “the day” she had comfort, companionship, and abundance. After that it was her and her son trying to make ends meet. There wasn’t a lot of work for women in those days and so her son had to bring in the greatest portion of their income. It used to be that her husband and her son provided more than enough but... Well, sometimes there was there was the “barely” which made her long for better times.

Today all of that would change. Her precious son died last week and she steadied her weak knees as she followed men carrying her dead son’s body. Her baby was gone. How could God do this to her? How would she survive? Would a relative take her in? Where was she going to get her next meal? What was her life going to look like after this day?

She looked up through her tears and saw a group of people coming towards her. All of a sudden all of the wailing, talking and crying stopped as a “teacher” motioned for the group to stop. Without hesitation this “man” walked up to the bier that her son’s body laid on, looked straight at her, and told her son to get up. Her boy got up and started talking, and Jesus gave the boy back to his mother. (see Luke 7:11-17)

Do you think her life was changed that day? What about the boy’s? We could talk about God caring for widows and orphans. We could talk about the resurrection of the dead. We could talk about Jesus saving people.

More than anything I think this shows that God wants to intervene in the day to day grind and show us LIFE. He loves us and wants what is best for us. The widow was provided for and her misery was changed into joy. The young man was dead and was given life. Every Christian can relate to that because of Jesus. The crowds and disciples were shown the power of God and were filled with awe.

I do not know what is going on in your life right now. I do not know where you are at in your walk with Jesus. I do know that He cares for you and will intervene. Would you look around you and see the signs? It doesn’t take a lot to see His hand at work on your behalf. Trust Him today.

He does care about where you are and what you are going through.

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