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Would you take a few minutes out of your day and write a letter for me? If you are reading my blogs and shared them with others, or are reading this for the first time, I need your assistance.

I meet the Parole Board the first week of October. I realize the heinous nature of my crime, the harm I have done to others, and the necessity for justice. I was arrested 41 years ago when I was nineteen. I am (by the grace of God) a different person today.

If you believe that and that I deserve a second chance at life in society, would you write a short letter to:

Colorado State Board of Parole

re: Timothy Callis 45745

1600 W. 24th Street, Building 54

Pueblo, CO 81003

Perhaps you know someone else that would write also. The letters do not have to be long. Please state who it is for, what you believe/feel about me, what support (if any) you are willing to give, and what you want the Board to do for me.

If you can not write to the Parole Board, please pray. I covet your prayers for me to hear God and do what He tells me.

Thank you so very much!

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