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A Copernicus Revolution of the Heart

I heard this several weeks ago and lately the Lord has been bringing it to memory. More than once. In the middle of the night.

So, who was Copernicus? Well, he was one of those revolutionary scientists in the 14 and 15 hundreds that changed the way people think about things. You know the type. They come up with radical ideas like electricity (Edison), the telephone (Bell), the computer, internet, cars, and on and on. Copernicus was one of the great thinkers around 1500 A.D. At that time the church was in control of almost everything. It was also a common belief that the world was flat and the earth was the center of God's creation. They believed that the sun and the rest of the planets (and galaxies) rotated around the earth.

In 1514 the church commissioned Copernicus to develop a more accurate calendar. He accepted and he started studying time. During his observations he came up with some radical conclusions. He developed the theory that the earth rotated on an axis once every day. He also had this unbelievable idea that the earth is not the center of God's creation and we actually rotate around the sun.

The church was furious! How dare he come up with something so…blasphemous? That is what they called it. They wanted to excommunicate him and then kill him for such an outrageous idea. I won't go into all of the details but someone finally caught on and change happened.

I think, in a lot of ways, we still believe we are the center of the universe. Someone cuts us off in traffic and we get mad without knowing the circumstances and then cut someone else off for that choice parking spot. We only see things from our limited point of view. When we pray we want God to move heaven and earth to give us what we want.

I have to catch myself all of the time with my wants being confused for needs. God's kingdom does not revolve around me.

I need a Copernican revolution. I have to realize that my world revolves around the Son.

Not the other way around.

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