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The Lunar Eclipse

I sat here this morning and watched the moon disappear. Well, actually it just went into the shadow of the Earth in a total eclipse. It was kind of cool. It also got me to thinking.

We believe in a really great God. He created such an intricate and spectacular universe that events like an eclipse happen without cataclysmic results. Oh, we blame a lot of stuff on them, and there are some natural things that occur, but the world is still here in all of its majestic glory. God created it that way. In fact, He keeps it going just the way it is according to Colossians chapter one.

Another thing that struck me is that darkness tries to take things over but in all actuality it cannot stamp out or overcome the Light. Even though things look dark (like during an eclipse) the Light is still shining. I mean really, when you flip a light switch on in a dark room what does the darkness do? It flees. It is the same everywhere. We just need to flip the "Light Switch" and darkness will flee. The darkness really has no power over the light.

Today, I am amazed at how much it 'seems' like darkness is prevailing in society. This is just like the eclipse. It is not really darkness having victory but just a shadow. A precursor, if you will, of what is actually going on. In all reality, I believe anyway, this is all just how the Lord has planned it. Things SEEM really bleak and dark but I have a news flash, it is fake news. :-) Darkness does not win. In fact darkness is not fighting with God... yet. That is the final battle. Right now, darkness is fighting us.

If you are fighting right now, I want to say, don't give up. We win. The devil is a liar and he cannot take anything from you that the Lord Jesus does not allow him to take. You are a blood bought, redeemed, forgiven, Spirit filled, grace covered, child of the one true God. Your advocate, Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. Do not give up.

The darkness will flee.

#faithsurrender #hope #jesus #trust #deliverance #ChildrenofGod

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