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Given By The Spirit

I was in church tonight and was asked to help serve the Lord's Supper elements. Throughout the service there was great worship and fellowship. I was really expecting God to show up and show off.

We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the fifth Sunday. That is usually every quarter. This makes it often enough not to forget but not too often that it becomes a routine. It is very often a time of reverence and grace.

Tonight something happened that struck a chord with my spirit. We had passed out the bread. Then we passed out the grape juice in individual cups. Then the Chaplain went up and prayed a blessing over the elements.

After that the Chaplain quoted Luke 22:19 and said: "and when He had taken the bread and given thanks he broke it..." All of a sudden I heard crack, crack, crack, crack, all over the room as men broke their wafers.

Who told them to do that? Who gave them the insight to break the bread just like Jesus broke the loaf? Was it their upbringing in the church? Did someone else tell them to do it?

I think it was the Spirit of God in the room. I think the Holy Spirit communicated the breaking of the bread and how it corresponded to the broken body of our Jesus. The Holy Spirit communicates with the believer's spirit and communicates the things that God wants us to know (1 Cor. 2:10-13).

It was really blessed moment for me. I was floored by the moment. The Lord really showed me how great He is. I really stand amazed at His grace and love.

What a great celebration of the Lord's Supper

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