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Light In The Dark

I wake up pretty early in the morning. We have a 5 a.m., standing, fully dressed, ID in hand count time. Every morning. At a quarter till I turn the coffee pot on and get my Word out. I have a few devotionals that I read and a pretty good chunk of Scripture. Then I pray.

One thing I enjoy is putting the curtain up and watching the sun reflect off the mountains as the day starts. Every work day I get to watch something else. Coming through one of the passes is a switch back road that has a pretty good grade on it. Right before the sun comes up I see a light coming over the rise and I can follow it going down the snake like road. In my mind I know there are two lights but from this distance they look like one. Did I mention that this is 20-25 miles away?

Day before yesterday the Lord was speaking to me about this. There is a lot of darkness where I am. Even the Christians I know compromise with pornography, lewd speech, and ungodly behavior. It is a shame but after warning them I can do no more than pray and continue to live a godly life in the midst of a fallen world.

The light shining in the darkness. Sometimes we get to thinking (like Elijah in I Kings 19:9-10) that we are the only one serving the Lord. As I watched the light I realized there were a couple more lights coming down the road. These pairs of lights shining brightly in the midst of the darkness. There are more lights shining here than just mine. I also need to realize that those lights are pairs. I need to find a like-minded Christian to pray and fellowship with on a daily basis.

In my own mind, I think this is exactly what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 5:14-16 where He was talking about hiding your light or putting it out in the open. I think the sin and worldly ways we get caught up in hide our light. Sometimes people can't see the light of Jesus (no matter what we claim to be) because our lives say different.

Let's get rid of the baskets.

Let's shine bright for Jesus.

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