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The Little Foxes

I work in the facility barber shop. Almost everyday someone comes in and says they are going home or to community corrections. It is my perfect opportunity to witness. Invariably I ask them "Are you finished?" They sometimes wonder what I am talking about. It soon becomes clear that I am not talking about their sentence.

I believe that sooner or later we have to surrender to God and quit playing 'patty cake' with the devil. He loves for us to makes excuses for our little pet sins. We justify gossip. We say "I am not lying. I just stretch the truth a little." Yeah, like a rubber band from Acme Rubber Company. It is those little hang ups that become big problems in our witness to those around us. Yeah. We are super spiritual to the person we see once a month. Or year. But what about that lost soul that sees you each and every day. Is there something in your life that is hindering your witness?

I am not trying to be judgmental or sound legalistic. The thing is, I see guys all the time around here breaking the rules and then thinking they can talk to the officers about Jesus. One guy sells pictures of scantily clad women and calls himself a preacher. Who is going to listen to him? What does that do for the reputation of real preachers on the yard?

Song of Solomon 2:15 talks about the little foxes that ruin the vine. In John 15 Jesus talked about abiding in the vine. If we are allowing the 'little foxes' of sin or just plain worldliness to ruin our 'abiding' what should we do?

My suggestion. Kill the foxes. Mercilessly. Sure they are cute and cuddly but they cause death to your fellowship to Jesus.

No more little foxes.

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