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God Gives Audacious Promises

Have you ever noticed that God promises some crazy things? In the past three months my whole life has been turned upside down. Same regulations were revised and I was re-evaluated by almost every department of the Mental Health and Treatment Services more than once. In the end, every treatment requirement was reduced to a point of non-existence.

That may not seem like a bid deal to someone that is not “in the know.” It is much like having points on your driver’s license and trying to get affordable auto insurance or having a low credit score and hoping to get a loan. All of a sudden your points come off or your score goes up and all kinds of doors open to you. The same has happened to me here in prison. In a matter of days I was approved to move to a lower security facility. Now I am in a minimum-restricted facility and am preparing to apply for Community Corrections. It is breathtaking to me that the Lord has started opening doors after 38 years of being incarcerated.

Let me say that I am a student of the Word. I have studied it for 25 years now. I read commentaries. I love the word-pictures in the Bible. I should say that I have a very positive outlook on life and I look for and rely on the promises of Scripture.

I can honestly say that I have prayed for people and God has done some pretty amazing things. I am not sure I could list all the things I have seen God do. Yet, it seems my release from prison has never been part of His good plan…yet!

I was talking to a friend of mine about praying for other people for deliverance. The concept we came up with is praying for God to turn the light switch on for a specific room. Once the light is turned on we do not have to yell, scream, rebuke, or get carried away to get the darkness to leave. When the light comes on, the darkness leaves. All we are waiting for is God to turn the light on, or change a mind, provide finances or open the door. We are waiting on God to do it.

I have been reading the Bible with a new perspective. I am highlighting all of the promises or “I will’s” of God. You would be amazed at how many there are. When God makes one of them “alive” for me I write it on a piece of paper and memorize it. Now I am waiting for God to perform what He has promised. I am amazed at the things God promises to do for us.

You can’t read them with the natural mind though because they are supernatural. They are way beyond what we would expect or dream of too.

Yeah…they are audacious!!

Go ahead; look for a promise and see what God does for you!!

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