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Living With Relevance

As I was typing a letter the other day…yes I said typing. If you’ve ever wondered where all the typewriters in the world are, they’re in prison…the ribbon started acting up. The print started fading until there was just the faintest impression where the keys hit the paper. It was sort of like when your printer is running out of ink and there’s a letter here and there, but the type is very faint and you can barely read it.

As I was trying to get it fixed, the Lord started speaking to me about our Christian walk. When we are out of adjustment, our representation of God starts to fade. We are not very effective. Our communication of the Gospel can barely be heard or understood. It is only after we get an adjustment that our lives are vibrant with the Divine Nature that is within us (2 Peter 1:1-4).

Do not get me wrong. This life is not easy. When we walk in step with the Spirit of God the demonic now becomes real because you are a target. They now want you to fail. When you live a lukewarm life they do not care about you. Get filled with God’s fire and they want to quench it, quickly.

Victory is ours when we walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. The only problem with walking under the influence of the Holy Spirit is that “we” have to die. Each experience we go through contains a decision. The choice to have “my” way or to submit to God and let Him have His way. In a weird paradox, by dying we have victory, grow strong through humbling ourselves, we’re exalted through submission and have a resurrected life through crucifixion.

The death of self means victory over fading away. It is only by getting a Divine adjustment that we can have a life of relevance. It is only when the Holy Spirit speaks through us that we have anything to communicate. The only victory we have is through the cross to the resurrection. As we rely on the power of the empty tomb we have victory in this life. Pentecost becomes real to us on a daily basis. The fire becomes real and the Word does not fade but is clear, bold and relevant.

The Word of God never fades away. I am seeking to have a daily adjustment by God to make sure I am living with relevance.

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