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Victory In The Vision

I went out for my weekly walk and ran into a friend of mine. We used to work together, but now I am rarely able to spend time with him. We decided to walk together and got to going at a pretty good clip. We got to fellowshipping about what God was doing in our lives and teaching us. We shared when our parole hearings were and what we had planned for when we got out. We talked about the miraculous, the ordinary, and the possibilities. All in all, we were sharing the vision that God had given for each of us for our futures. This was very enriching to me because it gave me hope.

The Bible says, “without vision the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). Another version says that "the people cast off restraint." I take this to mean that without leading from God, a vision for the future, the people of God wander around and get lost. They have no hope of deliverance. They have no direction or purpose. They fall for any old trick because they have not heard from God or gotten a glimpse of what He has in store for them. I also believe that the reason why we fall into so much garbage is because we do not have a vision of who our enemies are and where all of the traps in the road are laid. At least this is true in my life.

So, how do we get a vision from God? I want to say that “a vision from God” does not necessarily mean some ecstatic, trance like state where God miraculously speaks to you. It could, but more likely it will be something more natural that you just know in your “knower” that this is from God and then it is verified by sermons you hear, by other brothers and sisters in Christ, and by reading the Word of God itself.

May I also that you can’t just donate fifteen (or five thousand) dollars to a church and automatically be entitled to a vision from God for your life. You can’t get a vision from God for your life through attending church, being baptized, or serving soup to the homeless, although they may be part of it. A vision from God for your life is the result of devotion to Jesus and spending time with Him daily. Getting a vision from God for your life requires being a disciple and a discipler. It takes time, time in prayer, time in God’s Word, and time listening to Him. More than anything else, a vision from God for your life is only given to a submissive heart.

May I also be so bold to say that there is victory in the vision? God supplies everything needed to accomplish the vision. He overcomes every obstacle to attain it. He fortifies and strengthens. Most of all, He accompanies us every step of the way.

There is victory in the vision.

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