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My Prayer For You Is Victory

From the perspective of this being the “Year Of Victory” for the people of God, I can think of several areas where we should allow the Spirit of God to have free reign. I would address “fear” as the primary objective to have fear over. I believe that fear is a crippling force that keeps the Bride of Christ from being effective in this day and age.

Paul told his young disciple Timothy that God has not given us a spirit of fear but one of love, power, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). What was Timothy afraid of? In the next verse he was told not to be afraid of the testimony of Jesus or what he was taught by Paul. So much of the time we get caught up in what people will think about us and afraid what their reaction will be. That type of thinking does not come from God! We should be thinking about what God has told us to do and what will glorify His kingdom and not worry about man’s opinion. Fear of other people’s opinion can cripple our spiritual walk.

I get a visit every other week from a couple of great Christians. This last week we were talking about Malachi and how he was very outspoken for the things of God. In the last part of chapter three God is telling telling the religious leaders at the time that they were a bunch of fakes. Then he went on to say that God wrote down the names of the people that talked about God and respected Him for Who and What He is.

In my own life, I think there is an area of fear that I have to give to the Lord as well. I have fear over spending the rest of my life in prison. I had a nightmare the other night about this. All that this shows is that I do not trust God with my life. Each and every day that I am breathing is His. Whether it is in here or “out there.” This will probably be a battle that gets more fierce as my parole hearing gets closer. Perhaps that is why I need victory over this now.

What fears do you have?

Are they rational or are they things that the Lord is asking you to place in His hands and trust Him to take care of?

My prayer for you is VICTORY!

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