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Superabounding Grace

I was doing my daily reading the other day and I ran across something that puzzled me. In 2 Corinthians 4:15 Paul prays that the grace of God will superabound towards the believers in the city of Corinth. The adjective superabound actually means to pile one on top of another, on top of another, on top of another... It means to increase, to multiply, to superabound. The New American Standard translation applies this adjective to "more and more people" and in The Message applies it to the grace, the people, and to the praise given to God. In the Greek, though, it is directly attached to "grace." Grace that is superabundant.

I feel, sometimes, that I have tried to exhaust God's grace in my life. When I was lost, I tried to outrun God into the devil's clutches and it had to be a superabundant grace that kept me from being consumed. Now that I am saved I am experiencing some of that grace in superabundance. In fact, I can really relate to the song, “I Stand Amazed.” If you get a chance to pick up an old hymnal read the words. The chorus proclaims, “How Marvelous! How Wonderful! And my soul shall ever sing. How Marvelous! How Wonderful! Is my Savior’s love for me!”

In the past two weeks or so the Lord has intervened in my life in some miraculous ways. Some doors have been opened that I thought were never going to be possible. One of them is getting into therapy. One of the reasons that the Parole Board has turned me down in the past is because I had not, at the time of my parole hearing, been accepted into the treatment program required for me to receive parole. Well, this past week I was placed into what they are calling a “Pre-Treatment” group. This is essentially a basic Mental Health group. It goes over some of the basic concepts for group therapy prior to being placed into a full treatment group. The door is opened and I am so thankful. As other blessings become more concrete, I will share them with you. The thing is, God opened four specific doors for me in the past two weeks and I feel like I am so blessed.

I think it is important to look for how God is blessing us. In a fallen world that is so polluted by sin, can we find things to thank God for? Can we thank him for the lungs that are healthy inside our chests or our hearts that are still pumping blood? How about our friends that care for us and provide companionship and our families that God has given us? We also live in a great country that is still free and is not as oppressive as others. As we focus on how God is providing for us we will see that He is very good to us.

In fact, His blessings superabound toward us.

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