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This past week I found out that some of the people around me that call themselves “Christian” do not believe that the writings of Paul should be in the Bible. Their position is based on the view that since Paul said that the Gentiles were not under the legal system of the Israelites, then his writings were literature and not Scripture.

What that position we would have to do a couple of things. Since the book of Acts states positively that Paul was accepted by the Apostles in Jerusalem (Acts 15) then we would have to throw out the book in its entirety because it contains error. Since it was written by Luke, a good friend of Paul, we would have to question his credence to Paul’s writings even though they “are hard to understand” (2 Peter 3:15-16). Since Paul has to be discounted as writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then all of his letters must be taken out of the New Testament. So, what do we have left? Matthew, Mark, John, Hebrews, James, the three letters of John, Jude and Revelation. This leaves us with ten out of 27 books!!

I take a different position, God is God. We are not. If God decides to do something or write something, I want to be on His side and not on the side of social convenience. Anyone that has studied Textual Criticism in any school worth its salt will tell you that the books that are accepted in the Bible are there because there is ample evidence that God has preserved His Word and man can rely on what the Bible teaches.

I guess now it is up to each of us to quit playing around and believe what it says. We do not have to guess. We have the written Word to rely on. It is a sure foundation.

Build on that!

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