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Executive Orders

This past month the President signed another Executive Order to allow illegal aliens the right to obtain a driver’s license. Some would call that totally arbitrary and an abuse of power. You know what I call it? Grace! What if the one who is in control of what goes on in this country decides to change things? He does it and it is done.

What if God does the same thing? We have talked about the “New Covenant” a lot lately but what I think people do not understand is that it is NEW. It is not a revision. It is not a redaction. It is not reformed. It is totally NEW. As I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, he said that only the priestly law was done away with and everything else stayed the same. I disagree.

Our Chaplain gave an illustration this week that I thought was very good. He was preaching out of Romans chapter five and said that since the time of Adam we have imputed sin. He said that from Adam until Moses there wasn’t any law, but that does not mean there were not people who were doing bad and people doing good. When God gave the law to Moses it just gave the people rules to live by. There were punishments for doing wrong and there were rewards for doing right. The thing is, once God gave those laws it revealed the rules to the people. It showed the people just how far they were from what God demands and how impossible it was for anyone to keep the rules perfectly. The law had no power to help them get better, it just showed them how far they fell short.

Because of the imputed sin from Adam, mankind continually fell short of what God had clearly revealed in his law and His righteous wrath against mankind grew (which was the consequence also revealed in the law). Finally God came in the flesh. Jesus fulfilled the righteous requirements of every one of those rules and regulations and God’s stored up wrath was fully poured out on Him as He became our substitutionary sacrifice and bore our sins on the cross. In doing so, He paid the fines and “back taxes” for every man, woman, and child. Every violation of the law past, present and future He took care of. For everyone.

Then the Father wrote an Executive Order and introduced a new set of laws.

In fact, Jesus told everyone, several times, that they had it wrong and that things were going to change. How about in Matthew 5:10-20 and Mark 7:1-23 where Jesus talked about eating and he said to the crowds that “it is not what enters the body that makes you unclean but what comes out of it.” He nullified every law concerning clean and unclean animals. In Matthew chapter 5 (commonly called the Sermon On The Mount) Jesus did something radical. It today’s language He said “All the schools have been teaching you this way, but I (God in the flesh) am teaching you…”

Jesus signed the Executive Order for the New Covenant. He signed it in His blood on the cross. The Old Covenant could not give new life because it had no power. Only the New Covenant has the power to make us new creations, because only the New Covenant promises the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us.

The Executive Order has been signed.


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