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Believe What It Says

This past week there was a conversation between some friends of mine that was very interesting. One side of the group took the position that Paul was speaking “sarcastically” in the letter to the Galatians (and in other letters) when he spoke of the Law of Moses being there to show us sin and that its purpose was not to show us how to live a righteous and holy life. Naturally there was an opposing opinion.

In my opinion, unless the Bible tells us otherwise, Scripture is to be read literally. Why? Well, if we call into question one set of precepts concerning the teaching of the Bible then we bring every other teaching or fact of the Bible into question. Let’s me give you an example.

If not read literally, many historical accounts and Biblical teachings could be reduced to moralistic stories and myth. Daniel and the Lion’s Den would just be an example of someone being thrown into prison. The three Hebrew boys being thrown into the furnace would simply be an example of a family going through some trials. The resurrection of Jesus becomes another myth and the virgin birth becomes a farce.

As we celebrate the Savior’s birth this season, and enter a new year, we have to stand up for the veracity of the Scriptures. They are either the truth as they are written or we believe in a book that can be interpreted any way that we want them to read. I believe that there are enough people doing that.

I heard an adage a long time ago that I thought held truth. It was true then and it is true now. It goes like this:

“The Bible says it

that settles it

whether I believe it or not.”

Believe what it says without putting your own spin on it.

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