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A Change of Paradigm

The other day I was sitting with an older friend at dinner. A younger man who calls himself a 'Christian" walked by and there were some very foul things coming out of his mouth. The man looked at me and said: "How can fresh water and bitter water flow from the same spring?" (Quoting James 3:11) We talked for a little while about the possibility of the guy just needing growth or maybe there is no real life in him. Then we discussed the fact that we all make mistakes during the day and how we are so thankful the Lord Jesus died for us and we are blessed. It was just a great time of fellowship between two older men, sharing their hearts when they do not get many chances in their busy daily routines.

Later on, I was reading The Word and a scripture caught my eye and spoke to me. Colossians 1:22 says that Jesus has brought us back into relationship with the Father through His broken body. He did this to make us holy, without blame, and free from accusation (My paraphrase). I sat there and looked at it for a long time. I read the chapter. I read the letter. I even read a couple of commentaries. What a powerful truth of scripture. Because of Jesus we are (right now) holy. Right now we are blameless, and right now we are above reproach. All because of what Jesus did and not what we have to do.

So, what does that mean in today's life? If the guy that walked by me talking foul is truly a Christian then he is as holy, blameless, and beyond reproach as I am. His ministry may be affected by his language. He may even be in rebellion to what God has shown him. His fellowship with God may not be as intimate as it could be. The thing is, our relationship is not based on what we do. It is based on what Jesus did. Isn’t that the basis of the New Covenant?

I think that there is another side to this also. I think we need to start looking at ourselves like this as well. I am holy. I am set apart for a kingdom purpose. I am other than ordinary or common. I am blameless. All of my blame was taken care of by Jesus on the cross. I am eternally pure before God. I am also beyond reproach. No matter what the devil says, I am without accusation because my redeemer and advocate took my reproaches on Himself. The accuser cannot accuse. All authority in that arena has been taken from him.

I am trying to think this way. My paradigm is changing. Jesus is alive in me.

I am still not going to talk tike that other guy though.

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