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I have never taken a poll concerning this topic but let me ask you one question: "Can you tell me, in one hundred words or less, what the difference is between the Old covenant and the New covenant?" The thing is, most born-again Christians could not do this. I would venture to say that most preachers or graduates from Christian colleges could not answer the question either. I do not want to sound like I have a corner on the topic either. That is far from the case. The thing is, as Christians, we do not have an understanding of what this contract (one definition of the term 'covenant') we have been brought into through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

For the sake of discussion, let me propose that you had a very rich relative. One day you found out he died and left you an inheritance. The only requirement for you to receive your inheritance is to go and receive the will (another definition of the word 'covenant') from his lawyer. So you go and get a copy of the will and you start meeting all of your newly found relatives. You decide to relocate to where your relatives live. You start talking like your relatives. You start doing the things that your relatives are doing. You even start getting rid of some of the things that you used to do before you met these people. The thing is, you never read the will and you have no idea what your inheritance is or the legacy that you are brought into. You just continue to live a life that you think is right because everyone around you says it is right and this is the way they are living.

I know this is a poor comparison to becoming a Christian and the new life that we now live. The premise is the same though when it comes to the New Covenant. Under the New Covenant there are new promises, new privileges, new responsibilities, and new riches. As Christians, I do not think we have explored a speck of all that is ours under the New covenant because of our lack of understanding and, perhaps, because of the false (or poor) teaching that is in the church.

So, back to the original question, “In one hundred words or less define the difference between the Old covenant and the New covenant." Have you thought about it? Can I give you a couple of hints? Well, I am going to whether you want me to or not. I am going to state the obvious, the New Covenant is NOT the Old Covenant. Pretty simple right? Some will say, "Yes, but the principles are the same." Are they really?

I would 1ike to discuss this topic for the next few sessions (at least) and see what we can determine. Our lives are determined by the covenant that we rive under. If we are trying to live according to something that is not meant for us then we are missing God's will and purposes for our lives. As for me, I want all the blessings and plans that God has for my life.

Don’t you?

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